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By M.J.O'Shea:

By Kari Gregg:
Spoils of War

English Pronunciation

Dearest creature in creation,
Study English pronunciation.
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse.
I will keep you, Suzy, busy,
Make your head with heat grow dizzy.
Tear in eye, your dress will tear.
So shall I! Oh hear my prayer.
Just compare heart, beard, and heard,
Dies and diet, lord and word,
Sword and sward, retain and Britain.
(Mind the latter, how it’s written.)
Now I surely will not plague you
With such words as plaque and ague.
But be careful how you speak:
Say break and steak, but bleak and streak;
Cloven, oven, how and low,
Script, receipt, show, poem, and toe.
Hear me say, devoid of trickery,
Daughter, laughter, and Terpsichore,
Typhoid, measles, topsails, aisles,
Exiles, similes, and reviles;
Scholar, vicar, and cigar,
Solar, mica, war and far;
One, anemone, Balmoral,
Kitchen, lichen, laundry, laurel;
Gertrude, German, wind and mind,
Scene, Melpomene, mankind.
Billet does not rhyme with ballet,
Bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet.
Blood and flood are not like food,
Nor is mould like should and would.
Viscous, viscount, load and broad,
Toward, to forward, to reward.
And your pronunciation’s OK
When you correctly say croquet,
Rounded, wounded, grieve and sieve,
Friend and fiend, alive and live.
Ivy, privy, famous; clamour
And enamour rhyme with hammer.
River, rival, tomb, bomb, comb,
Doll and roll and some and home.
Stranger does not rhyme with anger,
Neither does devour with clangour.
Souls but foul, haunt but aunt,
Font, front, wont, want, grand, and grant,
Shoes, goes, does. Now first say finger,
And then singer, ginger, linger,
Real, zeal, mauve, gauze, gouge and gauge,
Marriage, foliage, mirage, and age.
Query does not rhyme with very,
Nor does fury sound like bury.
Dost, lost, post and doth, cloth, loth.
Job, nob, bosom, transom, oath.
Though the differences seem little,
We say actual but victual.
Refer does not rhyme with deafer.
Foeffer does, and zephyr, heifer.
Mint, pint, senate and sedate;
Dull, bull, and George ate late.
Scenic, Arabic, Pacific,
Science, conscience, scientific.
Liberty, library, heave and heaven,
Rachel, ache, moustache, eleven.
We say hallowed, but allowed,
People, leopard, towed, but vowed.
Mark the differences, moreover,
Between mover, cover, clover;
Leeches, breeches, wise, precise,
Chalice, but police and lice;
Camel, constable, unstable,
Principle, disciple, label.
Petal, panel, and canal,
Wait, surprise, plait, promise, pal.
Worm and storm, chaise, chaos, chair,
Senator, spectator, mayor.
Tour, but our and succour, four.
Gas, alas, and Arkansas.
Sea, idea, Korea, area,
Psalm, Maria, but malaria.
Youth, south, southern, cleanse and clean.
Doctrine, turpentine, marine.
Compare alien with Italian,
Dandelion and battalion.
Sally with ally, yea, ye,
Eye, I, ay, aye, whey, and key.
Say aver, but ever, fever,
Neither, leisure, skein, deceiver.
Heron, granary, canary.
Crevice and device and aerie.
Face, but preface, not efface.
Phlegm, phlegmatic, ass, glass, bass.
Large, but target, gin, give, verging,
Ought, out, joust and scour, scourging.
Ear, but earn and wear and tear
Do not rhyme with here but ere.
Seven is right, but so is even,
Hyphen, roughen, nephew Stephen,
Monkey, donkey, Turk and jerk,
Ask, grasp, wasp, and cork and work.
Pronunciation (think of Psyche!)
Is a paling stout and spikey?
Won’t it make you lose your wits,
Writing groats and saying grits?
It’s a dark abyss or tunnel:
Strewn with stones, stowed, solace, gunwale,
Islington and Isle of Wight,
Housewife, verdict and indict.
Finally, which rhymes with enough,
Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough?
Hiccough has the sound of cup.
My advice is to give up!!!

English Pronunciation by G. Nolst Trenité
Saturday, 2 October 2010
Months ago I said, anything worth having was worth working for and Ant was worth having. But months later, I still had no idea how I should work for what I thought was worth having.
When we came out of the bathroom, Ant and Ginny were flirting in bed as usual. It made me want to scream so much. Why flirt? Why flirt at all? If you wanted each other, could you just be together already? Why couldn’t it be as simple as that? It was just painful to watch.
‘Liz, truth or dare?’ Ant suddenly turned around and asked me.
‘What? Errm, truth?’ I sat down and dried my hair with the towel.
‘Are you in love with Ian now?’
I burst into laughter, ‘No? He’s my new friend.’
‘Alright, fair enough, your turn,’ he shrugged.
Somehow I felt Ant was jealous. I looked at everyone and an idea came to mind, ‘Danny, truth or dare?’
‘Dare,’ he replied without hesitation.
‘I dare you to kiss Theo.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ he turned his head, ‘He’d spank me so hard that I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.’
‘Is that really the reason?’ I giggled, ‘Or you’re so in…’
‘You don’t have to do it,’ Maggie suddenly cut in.
‘Oh, you do,’ I stared at Maggie, hoping she wouldn’t ruin my plan.
Theo walked in front of Daniel, gladly offering himself.
Daniel looked at Nathan, who sat right next to him, ‘Can I kiss someone else instead?’ he pleaded.
Oh my god, I thought to myself.
Daniel sat down beside Nathan and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
‘Danny! You’ve finally come out!’ Theo was ecstatic and threw himself into Daniel, wrapping his arms around his neck.
‘What? It’s just a kiss! I still love Mag,’ he glimpsed at Maggie, who now seemed a bit confused.
‘Actions speak louder than words,’ Jonathan patted Daniel on the shoulder.
‘There’s nothing wrong with liking a guy, Danny.’
‘Shut up! I hate you guys,’ Daniel broke away from Theo’s hug, ‘Carl, truth or dare?’
‘Um,’ Carl quickly sat up, ‘Truth.’
‘Who are you most attracted to in this room?’ Daniel quickly asked.
Carl looked around and coughed the name out, ‘Tim.’
The boys must have heard what he said, because they looked at him as if they wanted to eat him alive.

[29] Friends are Thieves of Time

Saturday, 2 October 2010
I found myself waking up in our place, my left arm sore and stiff, and most surprisingly Ian sleeping soundly in my hug. I had to move my arm since it became so numb, and it inevitably awoke Ian, who was now yawning and rubbing his eyes. I stretched my arms, and it moved his face closer to mine.
‘Morning,’ he took a glimpse at me, a bit embarrassed and still sleepy.
‘I think it’s afternoon now,’ I looked away, ‘Um, can you move…your leg, I can’t...’
‘Oh, sorry,’ he smiled, suddenly looking so shy.
I lifted up the duvet and realized I wasn’t wearing anything, which was normal, but Ian had his underwear on.
‘Did we…?’
‘Nope,’ he answered, sleepily but firmly.
‘How do you…?’
‘You were asleep…’ he closed his eyes once again and rested his head on my shoulder.
I could feel his breath on my face, ‘You smell really good.’
We both giggled.
‘Where is your brother?’
He raised his head a little and I saw Carl sleeping half-naked with Louis and Tim on the floor.
‘Did they…?’
Ian shook his head with a soft chuckle.
I sighed and wondered why I tended to sigh so much lately.
‘I like your place, it’s cozy,’ he then whispered.
‘Do you want to have a bath?’
‘Now? Wouldn’t it be loud?’
I shook my head, ‘It’s totally soundproofed,’ and with that I pulled Pablo’s arm, since he was sleeping next to us.
‘Get the bath ready!’ I turned my head and raised my eyebrows.
He struggled to get up and quietly made his way to the bathroom.
‘Wait, why did you ask him to…?’
‘Hmm? Why not?’
‘I don’t understand, wasn’t he still asleep?’ he frowned.
I shrugged my shoulders.
He looked at me and expected me to say something.
‘What? Pablo? Well, he’s kind of…at my service,’ I smiled and didn’t know what’s better to say.
‘What? What do you mean?’ he was now leaning on his elbow.
‘I mean what I said. He’s like a… servant, you know. It’s a long story anyway.’
‘Try me!’
‘I don’t know how to explain it,’ I raised my voice a little.
‘Well, how did it happen? I mean, servant, seriously? What do you mean by that? I thought you were friends. You slept together. Is he working for you or something?’
‘Nah, he’s a friend.’
‘You don’t treat a friend like that!’
‘Well, it just happened that way. I’m not the only one anyway.’
‘Only what?’
‘Master? As in slave and master?’
‘Something like that,’ I laughed and rolled my eyes.
‘You sure you’re living in the 21st century?’ he looked so confused, ‘What is it like? Do you order him around or…?’
‘Pretty much,’ I nodded, ‘I treat him really nicely though.’
‘So,’ he paused, ‘Would he do anything for you?’
‘I guess so, I hope so.’
‘Do you own him?’ he looked as if he couldn’t even believe what he just asked.
‘You can say that.’
‘That’s weird, don’t you think?’ he slightly looked at the bathroom door, ‘What does he think of you? Do you know?’ he continued, giving me no chance to speak, ‘Do you guys…do this all the time?’
‘Do what?’ I quickly asked.
He shrugged his shoulders, ‘Sleeping together, like this,’ He gestured for me to take a good look at the room.
‘Right,’ our room pretty much looked like a whorehouse at the moment. ‘Um, sometimes,’ I grinned.
‘Do you guys work?’
‘For a living?’ I sat up a little against the wall. ‘Yes, of course. We work in the modelling industry,’ I touched my fringe, ‘I’m a writer too, I write in Chinese.’
‘Really? Are you Chinese?’
I smiled, ‘Don’t I look like Chinese?’
‘Not really,’ he touched his hair. ‘You look like…Japanese, or mixed.’
I tried to control my laughter, ‘Nope, I’m Chinese. But I always get that.’
‘I can’t really tell. I like your hair, by the way.’
‘I like your hair too, can I touch it?’
‘Do you dye it often?’
‘Um, once or twice a year...’
We were silent for a few minutes, and then the bath was ready.
‘Do you bath like this, with them?’ our conversation began again.
‘With some of them, yeah.’
‘So you live here?’
‘Well, most of the time. I got my own place too, just a few blocks away. But it gets lonely there, you know.’
He nodded, probably thinking what to ask next, ‘So, how did you guys meet?’ he leaned to the side of the tub.
‘Um…’ I really needed to think. ‘It was only the three of us at the beginning, me, Louis and Al, Alessandro,’ I started to play with the foam, ‘And then we moved here, to this country…Al did some modelling and started to meet people…soon we had a place of our own…’
Our conversation lasted about half an hour, until Carl and Tim came in and joined us, and then we began to talk about something completely different.

[28] Part 4: All's Well That Ends Well

Saturday, 2 October 2010
Some people were messing around with the cake, while others were shaking their bodies on the dance floor like me.
‘Look who’s behind you,’ Rebecca came over and said suggestively.
I looked over my shoulder and saw two boys with beautiful blue hair.
‘They’re the London twins, the one with silver and blonde highlights is Ian, the other one is Carl,’ Rebecca was drooling over them already.
‘How do you know them?’ I asked, almost nonchalantly.
‘What world do you live in? Everyone’s talking about them, they’re Aaron’s stepbrothers.’
‘’Hmm, everyone but me,’ I shook my head, ‘I hardly know Aaron anyway.’
‘Yeah, maybe you should get to know him now, since he’s your BF’s new boyfriend.’
‘Is that jealousy I smell in the air?’
‘Get over yourself, Liz,’ she rolled her eyes.
I smiled, ‘So I guess we’re even now?’
‘Yes, I suppose,’ she kissed my cheek.
‘Go over and say hello already!’ Tim managed to come over, probably having noticed Rebecca and me checking out the twins.
‘Invite them to our place tonight?’ Sebastian suddenly came out of nowhere.
‘Seb! Haven’t seen you for ages,’ Rebecca gave him a passionate hug, ‘Where have you been?’
‘Well, here and there,’ he kissed my forehead, ‘So what’s going on? Why is everyone staring at those two guys?’
‘Long story, come over here, I’ll buy you a drink.’
The three of them left the dance floor.
Should I go over and say hi, I asked myself.
‘Liz, right?’ a soft and audible voice came from behind.
I turned around slowly and saw Ian and Carl standing there right next to me.
‘Hi,’ I smiled, didn’t know what else to say.
‘Aaron has told us about you,’ shouted Ian.
‘We don’t really know anyone here, except Theo and you,’ Carl moved closer as the guy behind him knocked his back.
‘We’re neighbors now,’ Ian added.
‘Right,’ I couldn’t even hear myself.
This was awkward. I totally lost my words.
‘Aaron said you’ve got this place where you all hang out…’
‘Do you mind if we drop by?’
‘Oh, not at all,’ I suddenly remembered to invite them, ‘Why don’t you come around after this?’
‘Sure! That sounds great.’
‘So what’s your phone number?’ Cark took out his phone.
We exchanged our numbers before I left the crowd and retreated to the corridor.
Everyone was making out here, and in the small room where I was ‘kidnapped’ to and almost ‘raped’. It feels like ages ago, I thought. Perhaps it was a sign for me to go back and end this eventful night. I suddenly felt so tired, as I looked up at the clock in the room. It was nearby four in the morning and I let myself sink heavily into the bed next to me.
Saturday, 2 October 2010
Ant quickly untied me and put his clothes on. We rushed to the main hall and found Theo lying on the floor near the bar counter. Standing in front of him was the boy who spilled beer on my dress earlier and his mates.
I ran to Theo and wiped the blood off his nose.
‘Why are you beating up my friend?’ I was so shocked. The polite and lovable boy from earlier had turned into an angry and violent stranger.
‘Nick, let’s go!’ one of them suggested.
The boy threw Theo a hateful look before he stormed out of the club with his gang.
‘It’s not like you, Theo,’ I helped him get up, ‘Who the hell are those boys?’
‘I don’t know them,’ he looked at them as they walked out.
‘Really? Keeping secrets now?’
‘A Kamikaze, please,’ Theo shouted to the bartender, while fixing his hair and outfit.
‘Nick is Aaron’s ex, alright?’ he confessed, ‘He thinks I broke them up.’
I stood up, about to head out.
‘Wait, you’re gonna miss the cake.’
‘Don’t worry. Let me handle it, okay?’ I pat him on the shoulder.
I found Nick smoking near the door with his friends. A small group of people went pass and some went in the club.
I walked in front of him and put out his cigarette. He acted like we never met before.
‘You can’t beat someone up like that!’
‘Get lost, before I do the same to you.’
‘What’s your problem?’
‘Don’t act like you know me, you know fuck all,’ he suddenly raised his voice.
I stepped back a little, and his friends started to circle me.
‘Why do you act like a completely different person?’ I ventured, looking into his eyes.
‘Like you said, that was just an act,’ he lit another cigarette, ‘I faked it so that I could screw you.’
They all laughed and moved a bit closer.
‘I don’t believe you!’ I reached him and gave him a kiss on the lips before I ran away. Their laughter soon vanished in the air behind me.
If Nick was a challenge, I would gladly accept it, I thought, as I threw myself into the dance floor and let my body float with the music.

[27] Part 2: You Never Know Your Luck

Friday, 1 October 2010
I walked in the ladies’ room and kicked a door open.
‘Jesus, keep your door closed,’ I snapped.
‘Jesus isn’t here,’ Tim and Jonathan said almost simultaneously.
‘We leave it open just in case anyone wanna join us,’ Rebecca said without looking at me.
‘Stop being such a slut, Beckie.’
‘What’s wrong with you?’ she kicked the door shut before I uttered another word.
I looked at myself in the mirror and asked the same question in my head.
When I got out of the toilet, a girl passed me a piece of paper, which said: ‘I’m sorry.’ It was Jason’s handwriting. I wandered around the dance floor looking for him. But soon I gave up and went in the corridor at the back for a cigarette.
I hardly smoked. I carried cigarettes with me just in case I wanted to.
I was lighting my cigarette, when Ginny suddenly grabbed me and dragged me behind the pillar.
‘Relax, you look so tense,’ Ginny smiled and put her hands on my face.
‘Because I am,’ I sighed.
‘Can we help you loosen up a little?’ she said looking to the right.
I followed her gaze and noticed Ant was leaning there against the wall in the corner. I frowned and felt puzzled. Ginny put her lips on mine, and my heart began to pound.
‘Are you nervous?’ Ant whispered in my ear.
I could feel my face blushing. I closed my eyes, didn’t know what to think anymore.
A few minutes went by before I started to feel uneasy.
‘How about Theo?’ I stopped Ant’s hand from moving any lower.
‘He’s got Aaron.’ Ant grabbed my crotch.
So this is what it’s about, I thought, Theo can’t have Nate, so he gets on Aaron. Ant can’t have Theo, so he gets on Ginny? And now me? Is that what it is about? I asked myself. I felt even worse.
‘Wait,’ I pushed Ginny back a little, ‘Stop this!’
‘I know you want me, Liz’ Ant said.
I pushed him away and slapped his face out of the blue.
‘Get a hold of yourself!’ I said angrily.
‘You’re not getting away from me this time.’
The next minute I was picked up and carried into a small room. Ant and Ginny got some scarf and cloth out of nowhere and started to tie me to the bed.
‘Seriously? Guys, stop!’
‘Shut up and enjoy it.’ Ant looked at me as if he didn’t know me.
As they were about to rip open my dress, Matthew came in with a glass of wine in his hand.
‘Good timing, Matty. Sit down and watch?’ Ginny smiled at him, licking her lips.
‘Matt, untie me! They’re stoned.’
‘Matt isn’t your slave, Liz, he’s not gonna listen to you,’ Ginny pat him on the head, ‘He’s mine.’
‘May I?’ Matthew gladly walked to the sofa and sat down.
This was beyond ridiculous. No matter how much I felt for Ant, I couldn’t just let him rape me like this, especially not when he wouldn’t even remember anything the next morning.
Ant locked the door shortly and started to take his clothes off.
I admitted that I got horny instantly. I wanted him. I wanted him in me.
I let out a soft moan as Ginny gently caressed my breast. If I couldn’t resist, I might as well enjoy it, I rationalized in my head.
I took a deep breath, and prepared myself.
A voice suddenly pierced the air: ‘LIZ!’
We were all startled.
‘Theo got in a fight! Come quick!’ Pablo shouted from the other side of the door.

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